No more ads, Fractile Plus a free app now

There used to be two version of this app – Fractile which was ad-supported, and Fractile Plus which was for sale. No more: The ad-supported version has been retired, and Fractile Plus is now available for free. Enjoy! I’d also like to extend my thanks to all the folks who have supported the app so far.

App updates: It seems the main feature requests right now are a bookmark / sharing system, and color cycling. The bookmarks will require some thought to get a nice implementation and may require some form of cloud-based storage / voting scenario. Color cycling is largely a UI issue (I’d prefer not to clutter up the interface with more buttons.) Also the app currently only uses a single worker thread to compute the fractals, it should be simple to spawn an extra one to gain an 80+% speed-up on the iPad 2.

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Fractile v2.2 in the app store

This includes a color picker to select from 15 color palettes; also textures are dithered to reduce the 16bpp banding.

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Color picker coming soon

Here’s a quick peek at the upcoming color picker – will be submitted to Apple as part of the v2.2 update later this week.

Update: Spoke too soon – this is delayed as I’m waiting for permission to use some more nice palettes I found online.

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Call for color schemes

Next version will let you change the color palette, although probably from a fixed list of entries rather than having some palette editor. If you have a color scheme you’re particularly fond of, please post screenshots / pics and I’ll try to include it.

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v2 submitted to App Store

Updates to both Fractile and Fractile Plus got submitted to Apple today. v2.0 includes the Julia set viewer with live preview, and the free version gets image saving too. Expect to see these in the app store in 10 days.

Update Dec 2: v2 now available from the app store.

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v2.0 coming soon

Julia set from -0.039+0.695j

The Julia set implementation is progressing well – it’ll probably be pushed to the app store in about a week or so, pending final tweaking of the UI and squishing of a few bugs.

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Fractile Plus 1.2 submitted to app store

This will be the first paid-for, no-ad release. Features as described below: no Julia set yet, but high-res screenshots. If past performance is anything to go by it should appear end of the week or early next week.

Edit: Now in the app store!

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